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Phang-nga, Kura-Buri: Travel online information direct booking guide for travel, hotel resort, bungalow, room for rent, with photo tours and beach maps, activities diving, scuba, golf, spa, restaurants, entertainment.

Tourist Attractions

Kura-buri District :

Similan Island National Park:
This group of nine small islands located 50 kms. off the west coast of Phang-nga in the Andaman Sea, has been rated by Skin Diving Magazine in the USA as one of the ten most beautiful spots in the world because of its beauty both underwater and on land. From north to south the islands are: Koh Bon, Koh Ba Ngu, Koh Similan, Koh Pa yoo, Koh Ha, Koh Miang, Koh Ba Yan, Koh Pa Yang, and Koh Hu Yong. The offices of the national park are located on Koh Miang, as there is freshwater on the island. Ta Chai Island between the Similan Islands and the Surin Islands, is also part of the national park. Tourist attractions here in the national park are:

Similan island:
This is the largest island in the national park and has a curving bay resembling a horseshoe. The underwater view here is spectacular with beautiful coral reefs, ideal for diving. The beach on the island is white, fine graing sand. On the north end of the island are extraordinary-looking rocks. One of them, for example, resembles a boot, another resembles a sailboat. This spot is a fantastic viewpoint.

Puzar Rock:
Also known as Skull Island (Koh Hua Kha-Loke) or Baby Elephant Rock (Hin Luek Chang), the underwater landscape here is like valleys in a mountain, all of them full of coral and fish. Dolphins can sometimes be spotted here.

Hu Young Island:
This island boasts the whitest and longest beach in the national park. During November to February sea turtles come up to the beach to lay eggs.

Miang Island:
This is the second largest island in the national park and boasts beautiful beaches. There is also freshwater on the island. The offices of the national park are here.

Koh Ta Chai:
This is the island located between the Similan Island and the Surin Islands. On the island are rocks, streams, waterfalls, beautiful beaches, and near-extinct species such as Nicobar pigeons.


How to get there:

From Thap Lamu Pier:
This pier is located in Thai-muang district. The trip takes 2-3 hours. large boats and speed boats are available for rent here, or visitors could contact the national park's office at the pier. Accommodations on Similan islands can be reserved at Similan Islands National Park Office, Moo 1, Tambon, Lamkaen, Thai-muang District, Phang-nga (Tel: 0 7659 5045)

The national park is open to the public during November 16-May 15 of each year. However, Checking the weather conditions before going is recommended. Contact the weather Department at tel: 0 2399 4566, 0 2260 1502.

Surin Island National Park:
There are five island in this national park: Koh Surin Nua, Koh Surin Tai, Koh Ree, Koh Khai and Koh Klang. This group of islands is close to the marine boundary between Myanmar and Thailand and has one of the most remarkable panoplies of coral reef life to be found anywhere. Snorkeling gear would be proficient enough to see the coral. Tourist attractions within the national park are:

Tao Bay:
Located on the east of Surin Thai Island (South Surin Island), this bay is home to many sea turtles living near the beautiful coral reefs.

Phak Kaad Bay:
This bay is on the south of Surin Tai Island or Pachumpa island. There are many large fish living in the coral reef here.

Mai Ngam Bay:
This bay is on the west of Koh Surin Nua Visitors can either see the beautiful nature here on foot or by long-tail boat, the beach is 3 kms. long. There is also freshwater here.

Khai or Thorilla Island:
Located south of Surin Thai Island, this island has a long and beautiful coral reefs on its west coast, great for snorkelling.

Chak Bay (the bay in front of Ree or Stork Island):
This bay is on the north of Surin Nua island and also has a beautiful coral feef.

Sea Gypsy Village:
About 130-150 sea gypsies, or as called in Thai, "Chao Lay" or "Morgan" live on the north of Surin Tai Island. This tribe of sea gypsies has continued to live in its own culture and traditions.

Richelieu Rock:
Located on the east coast of Surin island, this rock is the most likely spot in the Andaman sea where divers may see whale sharks. There is also a beautiful coral reef and many other sea creatures.

How to get there:

From Kura-buri Pier (about 2 hours):
Visitors can reserve a boat at the offices of the national park at tel: 0 7649 1378

From Thap-Lamu Pier:
The pier is in Thai-muang District. The trip takes about 4 hours.

From Khaper Pier, Ranong:
Visitors can also contact Chansom Thara Hotel, where they have boats leaving from Chan Damri Beach to Surin Island. Accommodation arre available on the island of Koh Surin Nua. For more information, contact the offices of the national park at tel: 0 2399 4566, 0 2266 1502

Sri Phang-nga National Park:
Lying about 100 kms. north of Phang-nga Town, this national park is all forest full of wild animals. Tourist attractions here are:

Tham Nang Waterfall:
Go down the road from the national park's offices for 4.5 kms. and on foot for another 500 meters to waterfall.

Thon Thon Tuei Waterfall:
This waterfall is about 1 hour 30 minutes away from the national park offices. On the way you will reach Thone Thon Tuei Noi Waterfall.

Ton Sai Waterfall:
This waterfall is 15 minutes down the road that spits off on the right near the entrance booth from the main road leading into the park. To get to this national park, from Thakua-pa take the Petchkasem Rd., that leads to Ranong. At km. 756 turn right and drive on for about another 5 kms.

Phra Thong Island:
Located in Tambon Koh Phra Thong, Kura-buri district, this large island is home to many villagers. The nature on the island is still very beautiful with beautiful beach, forest, wild animals, grassland with shrubs and a freshwater lake. There are accommodations available on the island. Visitors wishing to go there may rent a boat from Kura-buri Pier. The trip takes 1 hour 10 minutes.

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