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Phang-nga, Events and Festival: Phang-nga Province, Tropical island in Thailand is several well-know beach and bays ........!

Local Festivals:

The Turtle-Releasing Festival:
This festival is held for a week in the begining of March each year. Turtles raised by the Fisheries Department and the Royal Navy Third Fleet to be released at Thai Muang Beach.

The Thakua-pa Vegetarian Festival:
Similar to the well-known Vegetarian Festival in Phuket and Trang., this festival is held during September - October.

Souvenirs and Local Delicacies:

Artificial Flowers:
Handmade from rubber tree leaves and fish scales by the Farm Women's Group in the different tambons villages, these flowers can be bought at the Phang-nga Provincial Agriculture Office at tel: 0 7641 2019 or at the Farm Women's group in the tambons

Outstanding Local Products:
Phang-nga is famous for its shrimp paste (kapi) such as the shrimp paste from Yao and Panyee Islands, along with being famous for its dried shrimp (kung siab). Both kapi and kung siab can be found in local stores and markets everywhere.

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