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Khaolak Phangnga

Hat Khao Lak, is well-known area located 25 kilometres from Takua Pa, is now an interesting destination for domestic and overseas tourists. It has an advantage of beautiful, long beach of Andaman Sea and green mountain of Khao Lak-Lamru National Park parallel to the coast. The accommodation of Takua Pa along Khao Lak and Bang Sak Beach are built in the original southern architecture style. With the combination of the hospitality of local people who love in nature and environment, seaside town of Khao Lak Takuapa has its unique and charms of attracting tourists to the area.

The local economy in the town is based on the tourist hotels, local shops and restaurants, and the diving trade. Most of the foreign tourists are European, many from Scandinavia, Germany and the United Kingdom. The wider area produces some rubber and palm oil; there is also a small amount of subsistence agriculture.

Following the tsunami of December 2004 (see below) the local economy was ruined as it was in nearly all coastal towns hit by the devastating wave. It is estimated that 60 percent of the resorts were mid-construction, with nearly 4,000 rooms already available. Most coastal resorts were either heavily damaged or completely demolished, resulting in a great loss of life and major blow to the local tourist economy. At the time of the tsunami, Khao Lak was Thailand's fastest growing tourist destination.

December 2007 has marked the third anniversary of the tsunami and Khao Lak's economy has nearly bounced back. Most of the coastal resorts have completed their reconstruction or repairs and the tourism has flourished. In some respects its better than pre-tsunami days. Nearly all volunteers have moved on to other parts of the world to render aid as Khao Lak locals pick up the remaining pieces, pulling their community back together. Seaside and inland resorts are indicating full bookings during high seasonal months of November to March. Though some prices have risen to reasonable and pre-tsunami rates, Khao Lak is still a bargain compared to other regions of Thailand and Southeast Asia. Where Phuket is a destination for most, Khao Lak is experiencing the traveler that wants more secluded beaches, quiet nights and family oriented activities. Hotels and bungalows range from $15USD to $700USD per night depending on your budget. Inexpensive bungalows generally feature meager amenities, whereas the 5-Star resorts such as Le Meridien, Ramada or Sarojin Resorts boast first-class amenities. There seems to be something for everyone's budget.

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