LONDON - Thaialnd has emerged as one of the top destinations for UK travellers seeking to make their ponds go further.

In contrast, the plummeting value of the pound will lesd to a steep rise in the cost of trips by UK rise in the cost of trips by UK residents to the eurozone this year.
Summer holidays elsewhere in Europe and in the US should offer better value, according to the annual Post Office Holiday Costs Barometer.

Bulgaria has agian emerged as the cheapest European destination, although more expensive than in 2007, followed closely by Turkey.

Cheapest overall destinations in the Barometer were the long haul trio of Thailand, south Africa and Egypt.
At 28.58 for 10 holiday commodities, including drinks and meals out, Thailand weighed in at under a third the cost of the same items in Australia and well under half the average price of the shopping basket across the eurozone.

Helen Warburton, Post ofice head of travel, said: "Holidaymakers planning trips further afield this year will get excellent value for money by travelling to long haul destinations.

"The pond is still strong against the US dollar and the new Open Skie agreement introduced this month should mean cheaper flights in the future.

"Elsewhere, sering is up over gight per cent against the rand, making South Africa a good chioce for UK tourists, and booming sales of Egyptian and Thai currency indicate that holidaymakers are already opting for trips where their ponds will stretch further."

she added: "Looking forward we belive that holidaymaker will be smarter about where they choose to go this year."

by Phil Davies





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