TAT Unveils new i-Tourism Guest Program


TAT Unveils new i-Tourism Guest Program 

             The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) expands its campaign in the online market, aiming for high-end and internet travelers from around the globe.On 1-April, 2008, The Information Technology (IT) group of TAT’s marketing division unveiled i-Tourism Guest by inviting prominent individuals across various industries, each of whom share a passion for traveling within Thailand, to share experiences and give their perspective of travel within the Kingdom, in Seven Styles, Seven Wonders of Thailand, a mini-website found at
              The event, held at TAT Headquarters in Bangkok, was an announcement of this new public relations and repackaging initiative for the online market. Within the mini-website is a wealth of information, such as tourism-related news and featured destinations within Thailand, especially favorites of the seven iGuest ambassadors.  These well-known ambassadors are made up of luminaries in the business world, entertainers, and celebrities who have had the opportunity to travel far and wide, and now share their experiences in a personal online diary (blog) to invite Thai and international tourists to follow in their footsteps and see what they found exciting and worthwhile along their travels.
              Mr. Akkapol Pruksawan, Deputy Governor for Policy and Plan of Tourism Authority of Thailand, elaborated on this campaign, “These days, most tourists, both Thai and foreign, are increasingly relying on the internet and websites when gathering information about where to go, especially focusing on destinations and activities that go with their lifestyle preferences.  This could include traditional activities, folk arts, historical monuments, island hopping, trekking through the jungle, etc.  This program will be extremely helpful in publicizing TAT’s 7 Wonders of Amazing Thailand campaign, which groups Thailand’s interesting destinations of each type in a way that is accessible from anywhere in the world.”
               The “i-Tourism Guest” is someone well-known who enjoys traveling across Thailand and is adept at the new forms of technology.  They are responsible for maintaining a personal blog, according to their personal travel preferences in each of the following 7 Wonders of Amazing Thailand catagories:
               Thainess:  Mr. Todd Thongdee is a photographer, TV host, and entertainer who fell in love with Thailand and loves exploring anywhere that has anything to do with being Thai, especially anywhere that evokes famous Thai smiles.
                Historical: Mrs. Cindy and Mr. Byron Bishop, famous models that adore anything historical, such as ancient monuments, and enjoy discovering the origins of Thailand’s fascinating points of heritage.
                Beach: Ms. Sinitra Blank is president of a modeling agency in Switzerland who is infatuated with the sand, sea, sun, and ocean breezes of Thailand’s beaches and islands.
                Nature: Mr. Charoen (Mou) and Mrs. Orawan (Wan) Othong, the record-breaking Thai couple who circumnavigated the globe on bicycle, share their love of nature and adventure.
                Festivities: Mr. Hiko Laydoff, tech-savvy businessman from Singapore who enjoys participating in all manner of Thai festivals and celebrations, especially Songkran, Loy Krathong, Yee Peng Festival, Boat Races, etc. 
                Health and Wellness: Mr. Julian Fryett, president of Ricoh (Thailand) who takes particular interest in spas, herbal remedies, fitness, and playing sports, especially golf.
                Trendy + Chic + Hip Mr. Chavakit (Bobby) Bui, professional race car driver whose passion for racing is matched only by his passion for traveling in Thailand and for discovering the most up-to-the-minute places that match his fast-paced lifestyle.
                In addition, TAT has the honor of welcoming Mr. Harold Link, president of Be-Green, the oldest German company in Thailand, to be part of this program as a VIP Guest, owing to his well-earned reputation as a “foreigner with a Thai heart.”
                Interested parties and travelers from around the world can access this exciting new portal of travel information and receive valuable tips of where to go within Thailand.  Those who register at can enter a drawing for a limited edition “Sukjai” doll from TAT every month.  For more information, log into the website or call 02 250 5500 
ext. 2832-2838. 
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