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Discovering nature in Kuiburi National Park

Discovering nature in Kuiburi National Park
Nature Trail
Take a moderate easy 1.5 Km. hike along the interpretive nature trail. Your guide will show you many trees and plants and describe their uses as food and medicine for humans and animals alike. The Milky tree for instance, is the provincial tree and its wood is used to make furniture. Several signs along the Nature Trail identify orchids, trees, birds, butterflies and animals by their botanical and common names.

Half day
- Arrival at Kuiburi National Park in the morning
- Lunch at park headquarters
- Two hour walk in the forest and along seasonal streams. Observe birds, butterflies, animal tracks and mineral lick near a watering hole. Learn from guides about edible and medicinal foods from the forest.
- Return to park headquarters.
- End tour. Optional activities
- Two hour boat trip on Yang Chum Lake.
- Visit pineapple farm.
- Visit Kum Chorns Nursery.
- Cooking lesson.
Accommodations at the park must be reserved in advance.
Please visit the Thailand National Parks website for more information. 

Elephant Trek
See some of the Asian elephants that live in Kuiburi National Park from viewing platforms above the watering ponds.
One or two days
Day 1:
- Arrival at the park in the morning.
- Tour of the visitor center.
- Lunch.
- Departure by pickup to Pa Yang substation (20 Kms.) with a guide.
- Departure by car to observation platform observe elephants and other wildlife. 
- Return to Pa Yang substation. 
- Dinner. 
- Elephants watching at night, near the watering hole. 
- Overnight at the bungalows at Pa Yang substation. 
Days 2: 
- Breakfast. 
- Walk to the Pond 7 elephant-viewing platform (3.5 Kms.). 
- Lunch on the spot. 
- Elephant watching 
- Return to the headquarters by pickup. 
- End tour. Waterfall Trek Visit three of Kuiburi National Parks many beautiful waterfalls. One to three day treks are available.

One day 
- Arrival evening before with arranged accommodations at park. 
- Hike an easy 3 km trail to Dan Ma Ka Waterfall with guide. 
- Wildlife watching: animal tracks & food, birds, butterflies, etc. 
- Lunch at the waterfall. - Return to headquarters. 
- Bathe in the river on the way back. 

Three days/Three nights 
Day 1: 
- Arrive evening before with arranged accommodations at park. 
- Hike to checkpoint: wildlife watching along the way. 
- Hike to Khlong Ha Waterfall. 
- Dinner and overnight in a tent at the waterfall. 
Day 2: 
- Breakfast. 
- Hike to Dong ma Fai Waterfall. 
- Lunch along the way. 
- Dinner and tent camping at the waterfall. 
Day 3: 
- Breakfast. 
- Hike to the check point. 
- Return to the headquarters by truck. 
- Lunch. 
- End tour. Bird and Butterfly Watching Trek See some of the many birds and butterflies that inhabit Kuiburi National Park. 

One or Two day trek options are available. 
One day/one night 
- Arrive evening before with arranged accommodations at park. 
- Rise early for guided walk in the forest and to nearby reservoir to look for resident and migrant birds and the butterflies. 
- Breakfast and lunch ant park headquarters. 
- Early afternoon departure to Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park. 
- Return to Kuiburi National Park early evening. 
- End tour. 

Two days/Two nights
Day 1: 
- Arrive evening before with arranged accommodations at park. 
- Breakfast at park headquarters. 
- Easy 3 km. walk to Khlong Ha Waterfall to watch birds and butterflies. 
- Lunch along the trail. 
- Dinner and overnight at the headquarters. 
Day 2: 
- Breakfast at park headquarters. 
- Early morning departure to Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park. 
- Boat trip along the Khao Daeng Canal to look shorebirds, ducks and other birds. Enjoy the beautiful scenery. 
- Lunch at park headquarters. 
- Afternoon birdwatching in the wetlands of a nearby reservoir. 
- End tour. 

Gratuities to park guides are appreciate.

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