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Bangkok Songkran Festival

Date :  12 – 15 April 2008

Venue : at 9 royal temples and around Rattanakosin Island

Hi-Light :
* Songkran Celebration of the 4 Regions (southern section of Sanam Luang near Wat Phra Kaeo)
Bathing of Buddha images from the 4 regions, local food and dessert making demonstrations, and cultural shows from various regions.
Open Ceremony on 12th April 2008  18.00-21.00 hrs. at Wat Arun (Wat Chaeng)
* Paying worship at 9 royal temples around Rattanakosin Island. On 12-15 April 2008 09.00-18.00 hrs. : Wat Phra Sri Rattanasasadaram (Wat Phra Kaeo), Wat Chetaphon (Wat Pho), Wat Suthat, Wat Saket, Wat Bowonniwet, Wat Chanasongkram , Wat Rakung, Wat Arun (Wat Chaeng), and Wat Kalayanamitr.  Participants will receive a Passport of the 9 temples at each public relations point of each temple. After receiving the stamp from all the temples, a coupon for a lucky prize will be given.
* Fun-filled splashing in traditional Thai dress, Khao San Road with various forms of Songkran fun, on 4-15 April 2008 at 17.00-18.00 hrs.
* Banglamphu community at Santi Chaiprakarn Park, Phra Athit Road and Wisut Kasat., on 12-13 April 2008

Further Information : Events Planning Division, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Tel. 02 250 5500 ext. 3470. TAT Call Center 1672 
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